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Creative Earth 

Creating Change through films, music, conservation, art,  reconnection with ourselves and Nature.
Changing the way we create. Bringing awareness and contributing to a greater Planet.

Our Services

Making films that engage with bringing more Consciousness and possibilities to the world.

Working with artists that are looking to create something different in the world

Being part of Projects that are looking to change, contribution and awareness to a greater Planet.

Behind the scenes, we can give all the mental healthy support you need.

Our Services

The Movement

Creative Earth Movement is a Project designed to CHANGE the way we CREATE and by doing that, to create change in the WORLD.


How would it be if you recognized that YOU are the source of your life?

We will show you how to look beyond the image of this reality and create a new reality that is YOUR creation.


How many times do we see different as wrong? What do you know that nobody else knows about what YOU want to create? We will create the space for you and show you how to acknowledge that and bring it into fruition.


This reality works like this: why change something that is working "just fine"?

We work in 10 second increment choices as there is always something GREATER available if you are willing to ask a question, a simple question like “What else is possible?”. We will show you how to go beyond this reality and not limit yourself and what you can create anymore.


This Movement comprises Films, Music, Conservation and Art Projects, Reconnection with Ourselves and with Nature.

It is about combining passion with creations that can really make a difference on the Planet and on people’s lives, by engaging with strong narrative stories that inspire, with artists that can see beyond and are looking to empower, with behind the scenes Energetic Tools that can bring more awareness and ease, and with local Foundations that support Nature.

We are more than a Company. We are a Movement.

The Movement

Meet Our Team

Our Mission

To provide different ways to reconnect with nature and with the self so people can live a better life.

Our Vision

A world where all people can access products, tools and techniques for transformation and self empowerment, bringing cure, lightness and joy to their lives.

Hillary Peachey



Hillary Peachey is the founder of the Creative Earth Movement, a project created to put into practice the belief that it is possible to change the way we create and, in doing so, we can transform the world.

This Movement is made up of its Film and Music Companies (Creative Earth Films and Earth Works Global Ltd), Conservation, Art and Reconnection Projects with ourselves and with Nature.

Her purpose is to combine her passion with creations that can really make a difference on the planet and in people's lives, engaging audience with strong narratives that inspire, with artists who can see beyond and are looking to empower, with energetic behind-the-scenes tools that can bring more awareness, and with foundations that support nature.

Our Team


Being part of Projects that are looking to change, contribution and awareness to a greater Planet.

Meet our production partners around the world:

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Walking with Nature

(by Hillary Peachy)

Short videos for you to start relaxing and receiving from the elements of nature.


 Impressive nature footages and empowering words in the voice of Hillary Peachey to bliss and boost your day.

Loving Kindness
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Energy Pulse

Being in permission in the present is an action that creates your future.

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